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Buccal Nylon Flocked Swab Specimen Collection Swab With Frosted Handle End

Buccal Nylon Flocked Swab Specimen Collection Swab With Frosted Handle End

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Buccal Nylon Flocked Swab Specimen Collection Swab With Frosted Handle End

Buccal Nylon Flocked Swab Specimen Collection Swab With Frosted Handle End


Sampling Head Diameter±0.3mm: 4.7 Length Of Sampling Head±5mm: 20
Handle Diameter±1mm: 2.5 Handle Connecting Rod Length±5mm: 115
Diameter Of Connecting Rod±0.3mm: 1.6 Total Length±5mm: 145
High Light:

Buccal Nylon Flocked Swab


Buccal Specimen Collection Swab


Specimen Nylon Flocked Swab


Buccal Nylon Flocked Swab Specimen Collection Swab With Frosted Handle End

Product introduction:


Our Nasal flocked swabs feature perpendicular nylon fibers that optimize specimen collection and elution into transport media. The swabs also feature a molded breakpoint that allows you to safely and easily break off the swab stick, and several breakpoint options are available for different tubes.


Product advantages:


HUACHENYANG swab supplied by HCY is anatomically and ergonomically designed to optimize the efficiency of the target analyte collection with patient comfort improved.


1. Proprietary flocking Process optimizes collection and elution


2. Breakpoint molded handle better help to break off


3. Non-slip with Frosted handle end


4. ABS handle(medical grade) ergonomic & anatomic design for comfortable and easy use


5. No fiber or adhesive residue interference in collection




The shape of the swab should be correct, neat, smooth, uniform in color, and free of burrs, mildew spots, scars, scratches, cracks, and other defects. It should be clean, odorless, and tasteless. It should feel soft and free of maculas, stains, or foreign objects.



The pull-out force at the junction of the connecting rod and the sampling head should not be less than 2N.

The swab should be able to withstand 4N static pressure perpendicular to the axial direction for 15s without permanent deformation or breaking. The braking force at the recess of the sampling head should not be less than 2N.


Rotational friction:


Rotational friction 360 degrees is not less than 3 times, and the amount of denying fluff on the surface is not more than 2;

the non-woven fabric head end of the ABS rod is rotated 360 degrees for not less than 5 times, and the sampled non-woven fabric head end will not fall off.

Product Usage:


It is used for the inspection of biological samples from the natural cavity of the human body, such as the oral cavity.



product instructions:


1 Tear off the sealing paper on the packaging tape of the oral sampling swab, and gently remove the sampling swab from the bag. Note: The sampling swab should not touch anything other than the inner wall of the mouth to avoid contamination.


2 Hold the oral sampling swab to the side of the mouth, rotate the inner wall mucosa from the inside to the outside, from the outside to the inside for 10-15 times, and then move it up and down for 5-10 times, with moderate force, to stick to the inner wall of the oral cavity. It is advisable to ensure that all parts of the sampling swab can be dipped into the oral mucosa exfoliated cells; follow the same method to collect on the other side of the inner wall of the oral cavity.


3 After the collection is complete, please take the oral sampling swab out of the mouth and put it into the sampling test tube, break off the sampling swab handle at the place where there is a break mark, cover the sampling test tube cover, and finally take out the barcode and paste it on the sampling test tube cover and tube The joints are sealed and sent for inspection in time.


Note: Too many rotations will cause dilution or loss of the sample. After sampling, make sure that the sampling swab does not touch any other objects.


Sampling head diameter±0.3mm : 4.7 Length of sampling head±5mm : 20
Handle diameter±1mm : 2.5 Handle connecting rod length±5mm : 115
Handle connecting rod length±5mm : 1.6 Total length±5mm : 145

Product storage:


Store in a cool and dry place, sealed and preserved. Do not use twice, avoid rain, avoid sun

Lifetime: 3 years




1 This product is suitable for the inspection of biological samples taken from the natural cavity, such as the oral cavity, of people of any age.


2This product is a one-time use product, please do not use it multiple times.


3 Before sampling, please check whether the packaging is intact. If it is damaged, stop using it immediately and contact the dealer or manufacturer for replacement.


4 If an allergic reaction occurs after use, please stop using it immediately.


5 Please refrain from eating, smoking, or drinking 30 minutes before sampling, so as not to affect the sampling operation.


6 Please follow the local laws and regulations for disposal.


Product parameter:


Material: 100% Medical Grade Nylon

Sterilization: EO

Tube Length:175mm

Tube Diameter:10mm

Swab Length:145mm±2mm

Flocked Tip Length:22mm

Flocked Tip Diameter:4.8mm±0.2mm

Packing: Individual Sterile Package

Certificate: CE/FDA/ISO/TGA Approved

OEM/ODM: Support

GMP Factory: YES

Supplying Ability:500,000pcs/ day

Packing Info:

Carton Size: 52*40*30cm

Qty/CTN: 5000pcs

CBM: 0.0624m³

N. W./G.W.: 5kg/6.5kg

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Buccal Nylon Flocked Swab Specimen Collection Swab With Frosted Handle EndBuccal Nylon Flocked Swab Specimen Collection Swab With Frosted Handle End

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