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The standard process of oral swab sampling for genetic testing

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The standard process of oral swab sampling for genetic testing

1. Preparation of materials: one informed consent form and one disposable genetic sampling box.

2. Open the package: two buccal swabs, used to collect oral mucosal epithelial cells of both cheeks; two sample collection tubes, used to collect and store buccal mucosal epithelial cells; one sample return bag, which has a special purpose barcode.

3. Check that the barcode is consistent with the barcode on the outer packaging, on the return bag, and on the sampling tube.

4. Fill in the content of the informed consent form, requiring the content to be accurate and complete; paste the barcode in the designated position.

5. Instruct customers to rinse their mouths three times with water; (fasting 30 minutes before sampling)

6. Open the sealed package of the sampling swab and take out an oral swab (please note: do not touch the swab sampling crown with your hands or other objects at any time).

7. Extend the end with the sampling crown into the mouth, close to the inner cheek on one side of the mouth, and scrape it back and forth with a little force, more than 20 times, and the time is more than 30 seconds.

8. After scraping, you can hold the sampling swab with one hand, open the sampling tube, press the sampling push rod with your thumb, and put the sampling crown into the sampling tube.

9. Tighten the cover of the sampling tube, it can be stored at room temperature, and the sleeve rod and push rod are thrown into the medical trash can.

10. Continue to use another sampling swab to sample the other side of the mouth in the same way.

11. Fill in the information on the return bag, put the sampling tube into the return bag, seal the return bag, and prepare to send it together with the consent form of the educated youth. Note: 30 minutes before sampling, do not eat, drink, smoke, drink or eat chewing gum.

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